Project Contacts
Name Title/Dept Project Role E-mail Address Phone
Perry Hull UShop Manager Solutions Administrator 587-6280
Mike Smith UShop Supplier Enablement Program Manager 585-6765
Mary Louise Hughes UShop Training & Customer Outreach Program Manager 585-6814
Maria Nielsen UShop Accounting Specialist 587-8092
Kori Wetsel Director of Travel, Policy & Communications P2P Lead – Policy & Campus Communications 581-4149
Jim Urry UIT Sr. Process Analyst 585-6736
Dean Church Director of Financial Solutions P2P Lead – Integrations and Workflow 581-3337
John Levandowski Associate Director of Financial Solutions P2P Lead – Business Intelligence, Reports and Integrations 581-5760
Scott Patten Accounts Payable Manager P2P Lead – Accounts Payable & Internal Suppliers 581-6338
Jeff Johnson Associate Director of Purchasing P2P Lead – Purchasing 581-6621
Marv Hawkins UIT | Associate Director P2P Lead – Technical 581-8308
Clay Postma UIT | Finance Product Manager P2P – Product Manager 585-6863
Project Stakeholders/Sponorship
Name Title Project Role E-mail Address Phone
John Nixon CBO/CFO Executive Sponsor 585-0806
Jeff West FBS, Associate Vice President Executive Sponsor 581-5557
Stephen Hess CIO Executive Sponsor 581-3100
Jim Parker Purchasing Director Project Sponsor 581-7241
Laura Howat Finance Controller Project Sponsor 581-5077