Baggage Fees and Other Airline Fees

Please be aware that the Travel Department has updated the Schedule of Allowable Rates to include new and changing fees airline companies, such as Delta, American and United, are charging our travelers at check-in or at the time of exchanges.

Some important changes include:

First Checked Baggage Fee: Beginning December 5, 2008, Delta will be charging $15 each way for the first checked bag. Other airline companies have already implemented baggage fees. We will reimburse the cost of one checked bag for business trips with the duration of up to 7 days with proper documentation. Reimbursement for subsequent bags may require additional documentation and explanation.

Change Fee: Exchange fees have been increased to $150 for domestic flights. To avoid these change fees, the State Contracted fares may become more appropriate than non-refundable fares, check with our OnSite Agents.

“Churning:” The airlines allow one 24 hour hold per reservation. Additional holds on the same reservation are referred to as “churning,” and the airlines are beginning to enforce their rules and are assessing penalty fees of $50 per segment. The reservation system does not have adequate tools to help us detect prior holds, so we will rely upon the Travel Planners to tell us if a reservation has been previously held, and we will require confirmation if the itinerary still meets the travelers needs. Penalties for “churning” will be passed on to the department.

Please refer to the Schedule of Allowable Rates for changes as they occur, and as always, our OnSite Agents are our best resource for appropriate business decisions as they relate to airfare. You may reach our agents with either the new “Ask Us Form,” the “Reservation Request Form,” or when the department is ready to book a ticket, the “Reservation Confirmation Form.”

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