Tuition Appeal Procedures

Tuition refund and charge removal appeal policy information

Students are responsible for payment of their tuition and fees by the published due date even if financial aid is delayed.  All students know their financial obligations prior to the beginning of each semester.  Recommended financial aid application filing dates are listed on the website for the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. A change in your financial status after the semester begins is not considered “beyond your control”.

Policy Statement:

  • Income Accounting and Student Loan Services will review a request for tuition refund, or charge removal, provided the student meets the requirements of the University’s policy on Tuition Appeals and submits supporting documentation on official letterhead. Appeals that do not represent a sound basis for reimbursement will be denied. Appeals must be submitted no later than the current term to the start of next term for refund, or within three (3) years of the date charges were incurred. Only 2 appeals will be accepted from a student within a 5 year period.
  • Students may not appeal on the basis of ignorance of University policies and procedures. Read and be aware of your responsibilities as a student. Your appeal must be made only because of circumstances that are BEYOND YOUR CONTROL. For example, a death in the immediate family, medical reasons, a University error, military leave, etc.

Submitting an Appeal:

  • Appeals for tuition reimbursement will only be reviewed for the current term. All other appeals prior to the current term are not eligible for refund, only reduction in tuition balance due.
  • Appeals to resolve tuition balances due on account will only be reviewed for the prior three years. No refunds will be issued on appeals outside of the current term.
  • Only 2 appeals will be accepted from a student within a 5 year period. The 5 year period begins July 1, 2019, and is based upon date of appeal, not term of appeal.
  • You must be officially withdrawn from all classes on your appeal. Appeals with courses not withdrawn, will automatically be denied.
  • If you had your tuition paid by any type of financial aid, you must provide proof that you have contacted the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. Failure to do so will result in the denial of your appeal. Email from Financial Aid directly to Income Accounting and Student Loan Services is acceptable.
  • If you are an International student, you must provide proof that you have contacted the Office of Global Engagement International Student & Scholar Services. Failure to do so will result in the denial of your appeal. Email from Global Engagement directly to Income Accounting and Student Loan Services is acceptable.
  • You may not appeal refunds that must be repaid.
  • The burden of proof rests with the student.
  • Tuition appeal form with supporting documentation may be submitted at the Income Accounting and Student Loan Services office, in the Student Services Building, room 155:
    Income Accounting-Tuition Appeal
    201 S 1460 East Room 155
    Salt Lake City UT 84112
    Via email:
  • Hearing appeals are available for students who are outside the 3 year retro-withdraw window and for students that appeal the previous term (tuition reimbursement) if the tuition appeal group determines circumstances that should be considered for a hearing appeal.

Appeal Process:

All appeals are referred to the Tuition Appeal Group. The processing time may vary from six to eight weeks.

  • Appeal Group decisions are final.

Please be advised that filing a tuition appeal does not exempt your account from the assessment of collection and/or financial penalties when applicable. Please pay tuition and fees when due. Late fees and collection fees are not appealable charges

A list of common exceptional circumstances and the documentation required for each can be found below.  All official documentation submitted must be current, on professional letterhead, and pertaining to the time period in question.

Medical: Submit documentation from health professional. Dates of illness or injury and explanation of reason for inability to attend classes must be on official letterhead with a health professional’s signature and phone number; Medical bills are not considered acceptable documentation. Dates on documentation should coincide with the term the student is appealing.

Employment conflict: Submit documentation with employer signature and telephone number on letterhead detailing the dates and nature of the change in employment which prevented the student from attending or dropping classes.

Military: Submit a copy of official military orders.

Bereavement: Submit a copy of obituary or death certificate with statement indicating the student’s relationship with the deceased.  [Services animals may be considered. – procedure]

Divorce: Submit a copy of the divorce degree or signed, dated letter from attorney on letterhead.

Non-attendance: Submit letters on letterhead or emails from instructors confirming nonattendance, no assignments/tests submitted for grade.

First Term: Submit completed tuition appeal form.

Academic concern/issue with faculty: Student must make a formal complaint directly to Department or Division Chair who would then provide supporting documentation on letterhead.

The following are not considered exceptional circumstances:

Over commitment

Inability to pay tuition

Misunderstanding deadlines or policies

Difficult course material

Change in career or major goals

Processing and Notification

Appeals can take up to 8 weeks to process. All decisions made by the group are final. Students will be notified of all decisions by mail sent to the address on the appeal.