Appeal Supporting Documentation

The burden of proof rests with the student to submit documentation of circumstances that prevented the student from adhering to the U of U policies and procedures.  All statements in the appeal must be concise and accurately documented.  This documentation may include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Medical reasons: Statement from the physician or hospital on official letterhead that provides:
    1. Dates of treatment that should be during the term you are appealing.
    2. Dates of hospitalization or confinement, recuperation period, release from treatment.
    3. Patients name.
    4. A statement from the physician specifically stating that you were unable to attend school.
    5. Physician’s Signature.
    6. Please do not submit medical bills or insurance claims.
  2. Military deployment:
    1. Deployment papers if the student’s military unit was activated and deployed during the semester.
  3. Death of student’s family member:
    1. Certificate of death, obituaries, or funeral program.
    2. Relationship to the deceased.
  4. Non-Attendance:
    1. Letters of non-attendance must list the student’s name, UID, term, course name and number, statement from the instructor that the student did not attend the course(s), and the signature of instructor.
    2. Emails are acceptable, if they come directly from the instructor, email must include the same information listed in “a”.
  5. Other: Special circumstances beyond the student’s control may be considered.
    1. Must be documented on letterhead by source that supports the claim.
    2. Official documents to substantiate claim.
    3. Special circumstances must include the dates of the occurrence, which should coincide with the dates of the term you are appealing.