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Hazardous Material, Disposal of:

Discussion: Hazardous material disposal is coordinated by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Specific Procedures on the disposal may be obtained from EHS. If hazardous material is disposed of in a manner inconsistent with university procedures, fines and/or penalties may be assessed to the University. Responsible individuals, departments or both may be subject to fines, penalties and possible criminal action.


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Hotel Prepayment:

Discussion: Travel Services is able to cut a check to a Hotel property upon special circumstances, but it is recommended that under typical circumstances travelers secure Hotel reservations using a personal credit card. We recommend that travelers obtain a Diners Card for travel expenses.


When a Hotel Prepayment is necessary, you must use the “Hotel Prepayment” option within the CIS Travel application.


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Human Subject Payments:

Discussion: Through the course of University research, we occasionally have need to pay human research subjects for their participation. The University of Utah has a responsibility and a requirement to maintain a specified level of confidentiality, and in some instances, total anonymity, in research involving the use of human subjects. In addition, it is important to maintain appropriate business practices in payment to these subjects.


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