Ace Disposal IncAce Disposal Inc

Product/Service: Cleaning, Janitorial Supplies and Waste Removal
Address: 2274 South Technology Dr.
West Valley City, UT 84119
Contact Info: Dawn Beagley
Phone: 801-363-9995
Cell Phone: 801-652-8946
Fax: 801-972-2149
Customer Service: 800-724-9995
Contract Link: U of U Contract Supplier
Contract Valid Through: 9/30/2016 plus 2 optional one year renewals
Preferred Procurement Method UShop
Additional Information: Please click here for the University’s contract pricing.  Contact Joshua James in Plant Operations, 801-581-6108,  for questions about waste disposal and recycling at main campus facilities. 

For more information about recycling on campus, please visit Plant Operation’s website.

Additional container sizes other than those listed in the contract are available upon request.