Traveler Profile

Discussion: Frequent Travelers use this form to submit personal information to a secure site storing their birthdate, gender, and country issued (ID) to make the reservation process more thorough, more accurate and easier.  Airport Security (TSA) requires this information to be included in the reservation.  Profile submission will save time.  If there is a traveler profile, travel planners will not have to add this information to each individual reservation form. 

If you travel more than once a year, we recommend a traveler profile for security, positive travel experience, and travel planner efficiency.

Information stored securely for our travelers may include:

  • Name as it appears on traveling identification
  • Issuing Country of traveling identification to avoid additional airport screening
  • Credit Card information for hotel reservations
  • Seating Preferences
  • Airline frequent flyer numbers to assist in getting credit for miles
  • Car rental preferences and member numbers
  • Hotel preferences and member numbers

NOTE: Travelers may choose to withhold some of the above information, as they prefer.



To create a Traveler Profile, please visit the Christopherson Business Travel Profile Creation page.



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