Documentation Requirements

Documentation Requirements – Travel Payments

Effective November 15, 2010

Payment TipsAll Forms 

  • Traveler’s signature and an approval signature are always required. A Traveler cannot approve his/her own travel request.
  • A non-employee may submit signature on a faxed or emailed copy of the request.
  • Approval signatures should:
    • Authorize expenditures from the Activity or Project and,
    • Attest to the business relatedness of the expenses (Traveler’s supervisor is required) Often, in University departments, both requirements may be satisfied by one person’s signature.
  • Original pen signature of approval is required, stamp signatures are not accepted.

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Payment TipsRegister Trip Form  

  • Do not send this form to Travel, keep for departmental records.

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Payment TipsHotel Payment Form 

  • We recommend hotel payment on the Traveler’s credit card upon check-out.
  • If Traveler requires pre-payment to the hotel, attach a confirmation/reservation number or invoice when submitting form to our office.
  • Confirm “made payable to” with the hotel property.
  • We recommend holding payment for pick up with Traveler paying for stay with the University check at check-in.
  • NOTE: Itemized hotel receipt is ALWAYS required to close a trip – even if the hotel is prepaid.

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Payment TipsConference Pre-Payment Form 

  • We recommend paying for conference fees on the PCard or Traveler’s personal credit card.
  • If Traveler requires pre-payment to the conference, attach the registration form or invoice when submitting form to our office.
  • Confirm “made payable to” with the conference or on the registration form.

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Payment TipsForeign Wire Payment Form 

  • Departments must submit accurate bank transfer information.
  • Wire transfers are only available for foreign banks.

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Payment TipsCash Advance Form 

  • VP signature is always required.
  • Cash advances are distributed in the form of AMEX travelers cheques in increments of $150 or $250.
  • Traveler must pickup advance at Income Accounting after Travel Accounting approves the advance. Approval process usually takes 24 hours after our office receives the authorized form.
  • Traveler will need picture ID and their travel number to pick up advance.
  • Advances will be released up to one week prior to departure date.

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Payment TipsEarly & Final Reimbursement Forms 

  • General Requirements:
    • Travelers may only be reimbursed for their personal travel expenses; travelers SHOULD NOT pay for co-workers travel related expenses.
    • Tape receipts to ONE SIDE of 8 x 11 paper, DO NOT STAPLE: receipts are scanned as part of our process and are available for review online.
  • Foreign Currency Conversions:
    • Every foreign receipt must be converted to USD and summarized by category of expense.
    • Departments MUST attach printed documentation of the conversion rate used.
    • is a good site for conversion rates, credit card statements often show conversion rates as well.
  • Airfare Documentation Requirements:
    • “Receipt” documentation should contain proof of payment information, itinerary or dates of travel, all fees and total final fare amount.
    • Airfare related Agency fees should be listed on “Airfare Agency Fee” line of Reimbursement form.
    • “Chain” refers to the vendor from which traveler purchased airfare, such as OnSite Travel Agency, Delta direct, or
  • Misc. Airline Fees Documentation Requirements:
    • Refer to Schedule of Allowable Rates for allowable baggage fee reimbursement.
    • We require a memo stating the business necessity of baggage exceeding our normal guidelines.
    • Airline fees associated with entertainment or other flights perks are not allowable.
  • Personal Auto Documentation Requirements:
    • Mileage to airport is only allowable up to the distance over and above normal commute miles.
    • Actual mileage to the airport is allowable if departure or arrival date is not a regular work day, or you are being dropped off/picked up at airport to avoid airport parking charge.
    • Attach Google map, or other online verification of mileage claim when personal car is used for travel.
    • Mileage will be paid at Federal rate (from Schedule of Allowable Rates) up to the cost of airfare for same destination, unless written justification for having a vehicle as part of the business purpose of the trip; in which case, traveler may be reimbursed mileage up to the sum of airfare and the cost of contracted car rental.
  • Lodging Documentation Requirements:
    • We reimburse only lodging and taxes for single occupancy rates.
    • Itemized receipt must be on hotel letterhead with property contact information if we have questions.
    • Non-Conventional Lodging (staying with family or friends or camping) can be paid at the rate of $20 per night:
      • no documentation necessary
      • list “Non-Conventional” in chain
  • Meals Documentation Requirements:
    • We will only reimburse meal costs AFTER the trip, on Final Reimbursement form.
    • We recommend travelers claim Federal Per Diem rates for meal reimbursement.
    • Business Meals should be claimed on the “Other” line, and have very specific requirements.
    • Departments are encouraged to deduct meal value when a meal is provided to the Traveler.
    • Alcohol cannot be charged to funds 1001 or 5000.
    • Extended Day Travel: (> 10 hours; > 100 mi.) can be reimbursed for actual cost of one meal not to exceed $15. Must have original receipt.
  • Conference Fee Documentation Requirements:
    • For Publicized Conferences (such as annual meetings, association conferences, etc) Departments MUST submit documentation containing:
      • Dates of Conference
      • Name and general purpose of Conference
      • Schedule of Meals provided by the conference (if any)
    • If your business travel purpose is not connected to a publicized meeting or conference, then we will rely on declarations made at the time of Register Trip for Business Purpose documentation.
  • Car Rental Agency Documentation Requirements:
    • We will reimburse the cost of rental and taxes, but not additional insurance.
    • Travelers should use contracted car rental agencies so insurance is included in the rate.
    • Departments will pay $3 per day insurance surcharge at Final Reimbursement when contracted car rental agencies are not used by Traveler.
  • Insurance Surcharge Documentation Requirements:
    • If Traveler did not use contracted car rental agencies, or did not use the contract, insurance surcharge applies.
    • Enter the number of days from the Car Rental receipt, and travel application will charge your department $3 per day.
    • Insurance surcharge is held by Risk Management to off-set uninsured claims.
  • Taxi, Bus, etc. Documentation Requirements:
    • Travelers should collect actual taxi receipts, but instances of taxi expense under $25 each can be summarized on log with dates, destination and cost.
  • Parking Documentation Requirements:
    • Airport parking, not to exceed amount outlined on Schedule of Allowable Rates may be reimbursed with original receipt.
    • Hotel parking may be reimbursed when car is necessary for business purpose of trip; Hotel receipt required.
    • Combine all parking expenses on the “Parking” expense line.
  • Other Documentation Requirements:
    • Original receipts with final amount and proof of payment for all “other” expenses
  • Audit fee Documentation Requirements:
    • No documentation required.

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