General Accounting

Course Title: e-Journal Entry Web Application – Preparer Training
Instructor: Todd Kapos, Associate Director General Accounting
Duration: 2 hours
The new e-Journal Entry Web Application replaces the General Journal Entry form. A Preparers Guide has been published which will focus on the tools for preparing journal entries, managing approval routing, and tracking the entries online.

Complete the following steps to gain access to use the application:

  1. Log on to CIS and click on the e-Journal Entry link in the Processing section of Financial & Business Services.
  2. In the Help and Documentation section (lower left), click on Preparer’s Guide and read the ENTIRE guide.
  3. After reading the guide, click on New Preparer Questionnaire and answer all the questions. This will help central administration determine if you have sufficient knowledge to use the application.
  4. Email the completed questionnaire to General Accounting at .
  5. Complete the Preparer Security Access/Update form.
  6. After your answers on the questionnaire have been reviewed, you will be notified by email when you have been granted access.

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