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Distinguished Scholarly & Creative Research Awards
Call for Nominations

The Office of the Vice President for Research is accepting nominations for the Distinguished Scholarly & Creative Research Award. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in scholarly and creative research by University of Utah tenured faculty and provides up to three grants for research and creative pursuits.

Eligibility Criteria

Only tenured faculty who have held an appointment with the University of Utah for a minimum of eight years are eligible to receive this award. Nominations may be made by any faculty member, department or college within the University.

Nominees will remain in the nomination pool for three years. If a nominee does not receive an award within three years, a two year waiting period must pass before they can be re-nominated.

Nominees are evaluated on the significance and quality of their career research and the overall creative and distinctive impact their work has provided to their field, as well as to the improvement and enrichment of the human condition.

Nominations close October 15th at 5:00pm. Submission will be accepted on the VP for Research website. For questions or additional information please contact Mia Leonelli at 581-7237.

Freezers “Cash for Clunkers”

The SVPHS Research Unit, in coordination with the Office of the Vice President for Research is offering a freezer trade-in program, intended to increase the efficiency and reliability of -80 freezers on campus. Program pricing has been negotiated with ThermoFisher to provide high-efficiency freezers at the lowest possible cost to our programs. A $2,000 trade-in rebate will be offered by the VPR to all of campus, with an additional $2,000 rebate match being offered by the SVPHS Research Unit for all health sciences campus programs. To be eligible to receive the rebate, programs must trade in an older, energy-inefficient freezer at the time of purchase.

Freezer Information

Program Pricing:

TSX60086D TSX40086D
List Price:                   $24,692 List Price:                   $21,594
Program Price:          $11,399 Program Price:           $10,399
Program incentive:   $2,000 VPR Program incentive:     $2,000 VPR
$2,000 SVPHS  $2,000 SVPHS
Cost to lab:                $7,399  Cost to lab:                $6,399
Total Savings:       $17,293 Total Savings:     $15,195

Pricing includes 5-year parts and labor warranty, 12-year compressor parts warranty, and Device link connectivity.

Purchase Information:  

In coordination with their department, labs are responsible for purchase arrangements. Financing is offered through Fisher Scientific. For additional information, please contact Renn Thompson at  801-634-8497 or Steve Hawker at (801) 361-7535 and reference the Freezer Trade-In Program.

Freezer Disposal:
Trade-in freezers will be disposed of by the company at no additional cost to the lab. Arrangements must be made with Fisher Scientific when purchasing. Please select the “Environmental Disposal” option. A retirement/transfer form should also be completed for any freezers with University asset tags; select the “trade-in” transfer code. Staple a copy of your freezer purchase invoice to this form and submit to Surplus.

Rebate Process:

Please submit the following information to Abby Rooney:

  • PI Name and Department
  • New freezer invoice
  • Trade-in freezer information: Previous University location, brand, model and disposal date
  • Chartfield for rebate transfer; please note this must go into a 2000 fund account

Pricing is confirmed through end of Calendar 2018. Rebates are available while funding lasts. Please confirm availability with Abby Rooney prior to submitting purchase.

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