Biomedical Engineering


The University Board of Trustees has just approved this past week our proposed name change of Department of Bioengineering to the Department of Biomedical Engineering, including name change of the PhD in Bioengineering to PhD in Biomedical Engineering and the name change of the MS in Bioengineering to MS in Biomedical Engineering. This is all effective Summer 2018.   FYI – our department undergraduate major is currently a BS in Biomedical Engineering.  This BS degree naming remains the same.

We will now work on marketing our new name with university marketing resources and policies!  New logos, department brands and symbols are all subject to university approvals for circulation beyond internal use.   We will generate new materials and visibility as fast as possible now that it’s finally official.  I look forward to promoting this new branding and identity through our new social media efforts, our new department website, new logos and your own person-person communication with our international colleagues.  Our emphasis on “Biomedical” should be visible and easily recognized in what we do and how we brand our department mission, value and impact.   It’s a timely and highly appropriate name change for Utah’s flagship (and only) biomedical engineering program’s focus on current medical challenges and advanced biomedical training, and increasing presence in Utah’s flagship (and only) School of Medicine and our campus’ Health Sciences partners’ research.

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