BRAIN Initiative

Below are reports and articles in regards to The White House BRAIN Initiative:

White House Blog: Brain Initiative Challenges Researchers to Unlock Mysteries of Human Mind

White House Fact Sheet: BRAIN Initiative

White House Infographic: BRAIN Initiative

DARPA Press Release on White House BRAIN Initiative: DARPA

NIH: Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative

NSF Participates in White House BRAIN Initiative: NSF

We have additional information from several agencies on the following opportunities in this initiative:

· Instrumentation & Measurement
· Data analysis, statistical modeling, informatics
· Conceptual & Theoretical approaches
· Building brain-like devices and systems

Agencies include:

· White House
· Darpa
· Other White house initiatives
· Private sector partners

This information is available in hardcopy form in our office for review. Please contact Melissa Johanson (801-581-7236).

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