New England Biolabs

New England Biolabs

Product/Service: Laboratory Supplies
Additional Information:

Please click here for the University’s contract pricing.

Their Freezer Program is located in Biochemistry in the EEJMRB, Rm 4720.  Click here for freezer pricing.

Address: 240 County Road
Ipswich MA 01938-2723
Contact Info:
Phone: 800-632-5227
Fax: 800-632-7440
Email: None
Contract Link: U of U Contract Supplier
Contract Valid Through: Rolling Contract
Online Ordering Available: Yes
Preferred Procurement Method for
Purchases Under Bid Limit of $5000:
Purchasing Card or LPO
Full List of Allowed Procurement Methods: Procurement Methods – Off-Campus Vendors
Buyer Info: Mike Smith
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