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USPS Mailing Address: 201 S Presidents Cir Rm. 170
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Campus Location: 170 Park Building – map
Phone: (801) 581-7241
Fax: (801) 581-8609
Hours: 8:00am MT to 5:00pm MT, M-F
Director: Glendon Mitchell
Phone: (801) 587-3784
Associate Director Jeff Johnson
Phone: (801) 581-6621
Associate Director Joe Bryant
Phone: (801) 581-8992
Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Glendon Mitchell Director (801) 587-3784
Jeff Johnson Associate Director (801) 581-6621
Joe Bryant Associate Director (801) 581-8992
Randi Ruff Small Business Liaison
Sponsored Projects Liaison
Office Manager
(801) 581-7450
Jolene Snyder PCard Manager (801) 581-6622
Mike Smith Contracts Manager (801) 585-6765
Buyer Staff
Contact Information Responsibilities/Roles
Polly Alles
(801) 581-4638
Construction, Electrical, Forklifts, Hardware, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC), Lumber, Machine Tools, Miscellaneous Industrial, Operational Supplies/MRO, Pest Control, Plant Operations, Repairs-Industrial, Grounds & Snow Removal, Security Systems and U-Card
Colette Brown
Bottled Water Services, Catering, Conferences (Venues), Faculty/Lab/Office Moves, Food Services, Food/Meals/Conferences / etc, Lodging, Meals, Water/Purification, Appliances, Commercial Freezers, Commercial Refrigerators
Bridgett Cacho
Project Coordinator
(801) 581-5693
Katherine Coons
(801) 585-5242
Automobiles / Vehicles, Dry Ice, Electronics, Gases (Compressed and Liquid), Uniforms (excluding Athletics), Comparative Medicine Equipment/Supplies/Miscellaneous, Telecommunications, Utility Carts, Office Equipment ( over $5k), and Office of Comparative Medicine Liaison.
Michelle Entwistle
(801) 581-4022
Blinds, Carpeting / Flooring, Custodial, Draperies/Blinds, Fitness Equipment, Furniture-Misc. & Project Related, Signage
Michael Gutierrez
Senior Buyer
(801) 581-6859
Art, Music, Dialysis, Laundry, Leases/Real Property, Medical-Equipment/Supplies, X-Ray, Medical Transcription, Study Abroad, Air Travel, Bus Charters, Waste Disposal, Beverage & Vending
Limher Montoya
Senior Buyer
(801) 585-1841
Audio/Visual, Broadcast Equipment, Broadcast Rights/License, Consulting Agreements, Insurance, Photographic / Video Supplies and Services, Professional Services, Video, Laboratory-Equipment & Supplies, Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers
(801) 581-7241
Antibodies, Biochemicals, Chemicals, Controlled Substances, Customs, Diagnostics, Binding, Printing materials and supplies, Publishing, Paper & Paper Products, Printing (excluding Marketing), Publishing & Binding, Reprints, Journals, Radioactive Isotopes
Randi Ruff
(801) 581-7450
Sponsored Projects
Patti Service
(801) 587-3894
Advertising-Employment, Advertising & Marketing Materials and Printing, Employment-Ads, Employment-Temporary, Security-Personnel, Team & Individual Sports, Memberships and Sponsorships, Micrographics, Conference Registrations, Promotional Items, Copiers, Printers-Computer Related, Large Printing Equipment (over $5K)
Bob Tiney
Administrative Coordinator
(801) 581-6596
Computer Hardware/Software/Peripherals, Networking Equipment, Software, Web Page
Support Staff
Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Sarah King Clerk (801) 581-7241
Meggen Clyde Clerk (801) 581-7241
Marla Holman Executive Secretary (801) 581-7241
Brianne Crosby Clerk (801) 581-7241
Kayla Parkin Clerk (801) 581-7241
Zoe Smoot Clerk (801) 581-7241
Evonne Guzzle Clerk (801) 581-7241
Denny Cushing Administrative Assistant (801) 581-8472
Samantha Wilson Clerk (801) 581-6850