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Procurement and Contracting Services Contact Information

USPS Mailing Address: 201 S Presidents Cir Rm. 170
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Campus Location: 170 Park Building – map
Phone: (801) 581-7241
Fax: (801) 581-8609
Hours: 8:00am MT to 5:00pm MT, M-F
Director: Glendon Mitchell
Phone: (801) 587-3784
Associate Director Jeff Johnson
Phone: (801) 581-6621
Associate Director Joe Bryant
Phone: (801) 581-8992
Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Glendon Mitchell Director (801) 587-3784
Jeff Johnson Associate Director (801) 581-6621
Joe Bryant Associate Director (801) 581-8992
Randi Ruff Small Business Liaison
Sponsored Projects Liaison
Office Manager
(801) 581-7450
Jolene Snyder PCard Manager (801) 581-6622
Mike Smith Contracts Manager (801) 585-6765
Buyer Staff
Contact Information Responsibilities/Roles
Adam Hurst
(801) 581-5730
Carpeting, Flooring, Custodial, Air Conditioning, Heating, Construction, Electrical, Forklifts, Grounds, Snow Removal, Hardware, HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning, Industrial (heavy equipment, misc.), Lumber, Machine Tools, Operational Supplies, MRO, Pest Control, Plant Operations, Repairs (Industrial), Ventilation, Public Safety, Micrographics, Signage
Colette Brown
Blinds, Draperies/Blinds, Furniture (Misc. & Project Related), Bottled Water Services, Water and Purification
Katherine Coons
(801) 585-5242
Animals (Live), Office Equipment (Excluding Copiers), Telecommunications, Automobiles, Binding, Printing, Publishing, Dry Ice, Electronics, Gases, Compressed & Liquid, Paper & Paper Products, Reprints, Journals, Utility Carts, Vehicles, Animal (Cages, Equip, Misc.), Feed (Animal) Printing Equipment (Large)
Michael Gutierrez
Senior Buyer
(801) 581-6859
Fitness Equipment, Freight Carriers, Gift Cards, Shipping, Art, Music, Bus Charters, Dialysis Operations, Hospital Purchasing Liaison, Laundry, Leases (Real Property), Library / Archival Supplies, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Transcription / Medical Transcription, Real Property Leases, Security Systems, Shredding Services, Special Projects, Study Abroad, Travel, Waste Disposal / EH&S, X-Ray
Hamer Reiser
(801) 581-4022
Appliances, Curriculum / Course Work, Freezers (Laboratory), Refrigerators (Laboratory), Catering / Meals, Conferences, Food Services, Food (Meals, Conferences, Etc.), Freezers (Commercial), Lodging, Meals / Catering, Moving (House, Office, Lab), Refrigerators (Commercial), Restaurants, Electronics, Audio / Visual, Broadcast Equipment, Broadcast Rights/License, Video, Gift Cards
Limher Montoya
Senior Buyer
(801) 585-1841
Antibodies, Biochemicals, Chemicals, Controlled Substances, Curriculum / Course Work, Customs, Diagnostics, Freezers (Laboratory), Laboratory (Equip & Supplies), Refrigerators (Laboratory), Audio / Visual, Broadcast Equipment, Broadcast Rights (License), Consulting Agreements, Insurance, Photographics, Professional Services, Radioactives
Randi Ruff
(801) 581-7450
Credit Applications, Sponsored Projects, Reallocation
Patti Service
(801) 587-3894
Printers (Computer Related), Promotional Items, Recreation, Advertising (Employment), Employment (Ads), Signage, Advertising / Marketing, Copiers, Employment (Temporary), Floral & Plant, Sponsorships, Public Relations, Security Personnel, Sports (Team / Individual), Uniforms (not promo)
Bob Tiney
Administrative Coordinator
(801) 581-6596
Computer Hardware, Software, Peripherals, Networking Equipment, Software, Web Page
Support Staff
Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Meggen Clyde Executive Secretary (801) 581-7241
Marla Holman Executive Secretary (801) 581-7241
Kayla Parkin Clerk (801) 581-7241
Zoe Smoot Clerk (801) 581-7241
Evonne Guzzle Clerk (801) 581-7241
Samantha Wilson Clerk (801) 581-6850