Frequently Asked PCard Questions

How do I get a PCard? May I buy food or meals? What if my card is declined?
How do I raise my limits? Why must statements be signed? Can anyone else use my card?
How do I change chartfields? What documentation is required? When is Reallocation cut-off?
What is allowed on the card? What if there isn’t a receipt? How do I cancel a card?
What about travel? Is my credit affected? What if I transfer departments?

1. How do I get a Purchasing Card?

  • Fill out the Online Application
  • Print the application
  • Sign it and get approval signatures of reallocator, Account Executive (AE ) of default chartfield, and Department Head
  • Fax it to 801-581-8609 in the Purchasing Department

2. How do I raise my current card limits?

  • Fill out the Cardholder Limit Form
  • Get approval signature of the AE on the default chartfield
  • Fax it to 801-581-8609 in the Purchasing Department
  • Limit changes are subject to the approval of the Purchasing Department
  • Changes take approximately 48 hours to become effective

3. How do I change my default chartfield on my card or add alternate chartfields?

4. What kind of purchases are/are not allowed on the card?

5. Are travel-related purchases allowed on my card?

  • No, travel reimbursement requests should be submitted to the Travel Office with appropriate supporting documentation
  • Conference registrations ARE allowed for the attendance portion only.

6. What about Food Items and Business Meals?

  • Food items which are necessary for a business purpose are allowed on the card if they are reasonable, necessary and occasional. The purchase must meet the criteria set forth in the Expenditure Guidelines.
  • Business Meals procured at a restaurant are not allowed on the Purchasing Card. However exceptions have been granted in a very limited number of cases where there are documented needs demonstrating that such expenditures are reasonable, necessary and are for legitimate University business. For an exemption, please contact the purchasing card staff.

7. Why must statements be signed within 30 days?

  • Items on the monthly Purchasing Card Statement must be disputed with the bank within 30 days after the month’s closing date. By signing the statement, the cardholder indicates that all transactions have been reviewed and are accurate.

8. What documentation is required for card transactions?

(only ONE of the following is necessary for Purchasing Card Audits, with the exception of shipped items which require a packing slip in addition to one of the following)

  • The Original itemized receipt is preferred
  • Acceptable alternatives:
    1. A vendor invoice
    2. A fax order form with confirmation if possible
    3. A screen print of an internet order form or confirmation
    4. A copy of an order form that has been mailed
    5. A subscription order form
  • All documentation must contain the date, vendor, described item(s), total price
  • In case of a lost receipt or unavailable documentation, refer to the Missing Receipt Form. Fill it out completely, get an authorized signature then keep it on file with the month’s purchasing card records.

9. What must I do if a receipt is unobtainable or lost?

  • Contact the merchant for a possible duplicate.
  • If a duplicate receipt cannot be obtained from the merchant, fill out a Missing Receipt Form which is acceptable documentation

10. Is my personal credit affected or checked by being a cardholder?

  • No, ownership and use of this card is in no way affiliated with your personal credit.

11. What should I do if my card is declined by a supplier?

  • First determine whether or not you have exceeded your card limits.
  • Second, ask the supplier to confirm the card number and expiration date they have entered.
  • Consider the possibility that you have reached your cycle limit. The bank’s monthly cycle is defined as the 12th — 11th. To increase a Cardholder’s cycle limit, please complete a PCard Cardholder Limits Form.
  • For further assistance, please call JP Morgan & Chase at 1-800-316-6056. You will provide the last four digits of your employee ID number when prompted for an access code.

12. Can anyone else use my PCard?

  • Bank rules state that the card is not to be used by any person except for the cardholder whose name appears on the front of the card. Employees who need to make purchases can apply for a card.

13. When is PCard Reallocation cut-off?

  • Cut-off for PCard Reallocation is the 5th business day into the following month at 5 PM. A list of cut-off dates is available on the Accounting Calendar, located in CIS under Resources and Information

14. How do I cancel a card?

  • Please notify the P-Card staff via an update form and destroy the card. All records should be retained in the Cardholder’s department.

15. Can I keep my PCard if I transfer to a new department?

  • Your existing PCard must be cancelled and a new application submitted.