Refund Policies

If you are making a personal payment, and you also have Financial Aid paying your tuition, be aware that as of Fall 2009, all refunds resulting from personal payments on your tuition account will be refunded in the manner they were received.
Financial Aid takes priority TO PAY TUITION and HOUSING FIRST over personal payments. Credits caused by the credit/debit card payment will be credited back to the original card up to the amount of the credit/debit payment(s).

If your tuition and housing account has a credit balance, and there is a paper check payment, or an electronic check payment on your tuition account, please be aware that there is a waiting period of 20 business days before a refund will be released, to allow time for any dishonored checks to be returned to the University.
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The following policies apply to students taking credit and noncredit classes:

  • Nonrefundable fees include application fees for admission and readmission fees.
  • Courses with irregular start/end dates, workshops, and short term courses, which do not correspond with the first and last weeks or the regular term, may be dropped if no more than 15 percent of the coursework has been completed. Refunds will be based on the length of the class
  • For courses offered through Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, no refunds will be given on outdoor courses unless dropped by the 2nd day following the first class meeting.

Spring 2021 Term REFUND SCHEDULE Drop from a class(es) before 5:00 p.m.:

Percent Refund Date
100 % Through January 29th, 2021
0% After January 29th, 2021
Withdrawal From The University For the Term
0% After January 29th, 2021

Notice: A petition form to request an exception to the refund policy is available at the Income Accounting/Student Loan Services Office, 155 SSB, or through this web site at Tuition/Late Fee Appeal Procedures. Exceptions will be granted only for extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control.