Tuition Appeal Instructions:

  1. Students must be withdrawn from classes included on the Tuition Appeal Form.
  2. Tuition Appeals to resolve tuition balances due on tuition account will only be reviewed for the prior three years. 
  3. Tuition Appeals for tuition reimbursement will only be reviewed for the current term and the term prior to the current term.
  4. Students can submit 2 Tuition Appeals within a 5 year period. 
  5. Complete all requested information on the Exception to University Policy-Tuition Appeal form.
  6. Write a clear explanation of the reason for the requested exception.
  7. Provide all the documentation need to support all claims on the petition.
  8. Incomplete petitions, petitions without a signature and petitions lacking supporting documentation will not be considered and will be denied.
  9. Once completed, submit the appeal form and all documents to:

MAIL:            University of Utah
                      Income Accounting Office
                      201 S 1460 E Rm. 165
                      Salt Lake City UT 84112

FAX:              801-581-4277


IN PERSON:  Student Services Building (Bldg.40) Rm. 155

The decision of the group is final. The review process may take 6 to 8 weeks.
Students will be notified of the group’s decision by mail with the mailing address provided on the appeal form. You may also check the appeal status on your Campus Information System (CIS), under Tuition and Loans, Status Tuit/Late Fee Petition.

Request for Waiver of Tuition Late Fee Instructions:

  1. Student can come in to the Income Accounting Office or download the form.
  2. Student will need to bring the form into the office. Student Services Building (SSB) Rm. 155.
  3. Student may submit a waiver of the tuition late fee by email. Please include Your Name, UID number, Semester, and a short explanation of why you would like the waiver of the late fee.
  4. Keep your eye on your tuition account or you may check your late fee appeal status on CIS, under Tuition and Loans, Status Tuit/Late Fee Petition.