Online Payment Request Forms


The Alternate Payment Request is a fill-in form that includes check boxes and drop down selections. It is not auto-numbered. Do not put a number behind the “PR.” Accounts Payable will do that when we receive the Payment Request. Search for the Payment Request on the WEB using the vendor name or the Payment Request number on the management reports. Kindly remember to:

  • Select either “Yes” or “No” to the question about payments made on behalf of non-resident aliens.
  • Enter the Email address of the requester, and print the names, EmplID’s and email addresses for every signatory in the Approvals Section. This is especially important when the Accounts Payable processor needs to clarify a question about the request.
  • If the “PRINT” button is selected it will bring up the print dialog box.
    • Making this selection without entering data on the form will print a blank form with the default state of “UT” and handling code of “US.”
    • Click on “OK” to print the Payment Request.

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Payment Request Forms: